This is the first year since I moved to San Diego that I’m not flying home for Christmas and since I won’t be there in spirit, I mailed some festive packages!

Myles and I ordered a pack of 10 free flat-rate boxes from USPS. We did our shopping early and made sure we got a bunch of stocking stuffer type gifts to dress up the boring cardboard. I think we’ve found the most cost-effective and fun way to ship gifts!


We have gifts going out to Florida, Connecticut, and South Carolina.

It’s about $12 to ship a flat-rate box, no matter the weight, so we each sent 4 boxes- 1 box per each household that we wanted to ship gifts to. One went to my Grandpa, one went to my mom and sister (my sister stays at my mom’s house when she’s home from college), one to my brother and dad (who also live out of state), and one to my aunt and uncle. I helped Myles divvy up his boxes as well.


It was so much fun to pick out things we thought each person would like and since almost everyone has a dog or cat, we picked up some pet toys as well. I found a box of tiny ornaments at Target and threw a few in each box as decoration (and as a fun little ornament gift!).

How cute is that monkey ornament though?!


We wrapped everything in tissue paper and then placed some extra tissue on top of everything. Then, we took the stocking stuffers (pictured) and arranged them on top with a card.

We just packed as much as we could into each box so everyone would receive a box full of amazingness! …And maybe forgive us for not flying home this year? 😉


It cost about $100 in total to mail all 8 boxes cross-country. Thank you, flat rate shipping! Do you ever have to mail gifts to people? How do you do it?