Every time I go out to eat with my boyfriend, we try a new place. Just when we think we’ve tried every restaurant worth trying in San Diego, a new name pops up on Yelp and we’re like, ‘hello!’ Today’s place ended up being The Patio on Goldfinch in Mission Hills.


So you walk in and realize you’re standing on a legit patio. The first section of the restaurant is open and airy and as you walk deeper inside, you end up under a ceiling. To merge the indoor/outdoor feel together, greenery drapes the walls in a Rainforest Cafe kind of style. Oh and the outside section is dog friendly! First take- great vibe, fun atmosphere.


patiosteakMy boyfriend, Myles, was about to order a BLT off the brunch menu and then the waiter mentioned a chicken fried steak with eggs and a biscuit. Myles had a change of heart, ditched that BLT and went for the steak. He destroyed it.

patiopancakeI ordered the Bourbon Dutch Pancakes- caramelized bananas and apples, berry compote, agave and maple syrup, topped with chantilly cream. When it came out, I was immediately relieved that it wasn’t a tall stack of flapjacks. It was actually a modest sized pancake, decorated beautifully. I’m getting really sick of those brunch cafes that serve quantity over quality. This pancake however was the perfect size. I cleared my plate and didn’t feel sick after. The best part about this lil fella’ is it’s packed with fresh fruit. I would definitely order again!

We washed down our sweet and savory dishes with pear cider and their “French Kiss,” cocktail- Champagne, St. Germain, and pureed strawberries. We’ll be back again once we can’t find any more new places to try… or if we have Lilo with us and need a doggy-friendly place to eat 😀

What’s your favorite restaurant in San Diego? I would love to add to my list of places to try!