Ok, here we go. I got Tone It Up‘s Beach Babe DVD about…8 months ago. It’s been that long since I’ve worked out- I haven’t even pressed play on the vid yet. You see,

I’ve been super active my entire life. Soccer and cross country when I was younger and then hiking, spin classes, yoga, pilates, etc. in my early twenties. Now I’m officially in my mid twenties and realizing that I totally quit. I am a sedentary American, working 9-5.


So yesterday, I brought my pup, Lilo, to the vet and the vet said she was a good, healthy weight. I was like, “Are you sure?”

The vet was like, “If her body looked like a toilet paper roll, then we’d have a problem. You can see her curves though, she’s in good shape.” So I look at my arms like, shit, toilet paper rolls. Ok, paper towel rolls. Got to give myself SOME credit. I eat pretty healthy and walk Lilo as much as possible. But anyway, my body has way more potential than what I’m allowing it. Time to…”tone it up.”

As soon as the TIU girls told me to start jumping back and forth, doing jump-n-jacks and lunges, I was like wow I feel good. I feel alive!! Woohoo. So easy. Yet so difficult to pull on those yoga pants and press play.

I love that OMG feeling when you’re like, oh wow life is easier than I thought. First world problems aren’t shit. I can do this. I can figure this out…I can basically do whatever I want. So, as my first blog post, I guess I want to convey that message- “Sunshine Problems” aren’t problems. They’re little things that keep our lives from being boringly effortless and easy. Like, omg, a sunburn. They’re little issues that many of us come across, find creative little fun solutions to and excitedly share with our friends. Of course, everyone has more substantial problems that do not have a simple fix. But that’s not what this blog is about. It’s meant to be fun!

On that note, welcome to my blog and I hope you find it useful for everyday dilemmas. I obsess over life hacks, makeup tips, style steals, easy + healthy recipes for the girl on the go… you get the picture