Cleanse, cleanse, perfect little cleanse. The Springtime seems like the perfect time to try a juice cleanse, doesn’t it? I thought so. I’m not going to say that I regret spending around $175 on a three-day cleanse that assuredly detoxed my body. But, I will say that I won’t do it again.


Here’s why it was (probably) worth it.

  • Convenient– they delivered it to my door in a well-insulated cooler. I received all three day’s worth @ six juices a day.
  • The greenest juice I could find– I was a little concerned about drinking sugary fruit juices, and nothing else, for three days straight. Even though they’re natural sugars, I wanted to drink mostly greens and consume the least amount of sugar possible.
  • BluePrint does the thinking (and juicing) for you– it was nice not having to plan out healthy meals for three days straight!

And here’s why I won’t do a BluePrint Cleanse again.

Maybe I’ll try a local juicery, but not another BluePrint.

  •  Boring– Yes, I picked the greenest option which is the Excavation Cleanse. But I was kind of hoping for at least a variety of green juices. Is that too much to ask? Like maybe a carrot-heavy flavor could’ve been mixed in? I’m no juicing expert, but I’m pretty sure there are other “green juice” recipes out there. If I’m drinking straight up vegetables for three days straight, I don’t want twelve of the juices to be the exact same thing. Just saying…
  • There are less expensive juice cleanses on the market and I would rather support a local juice bar.
  • This is just a matter of preference but I like sweets way too much to completely cut them out for three days straight. It was too much and the second the cleanse was over, I went down the street and bought the biggest acai bowl available.

So, have you tried any juice cleanses? If you’re in the San Diego area, my friend recommended a juice bar downtown. Or maybe I’ll just stick to a one-day juice cleanse… or a one-meal juice cleanse..