Know someone who is ALWAYS traveling?

Then you’re bound to find the perfect gift for them on this list!


The Evolution Pillow (website)

This is not just any neck pillow, my friend. The comfortable memory foam allows you to roll the pillow up into a little ball and store it in the travel bag. The front toggles allow you to fit the pillow snuggly around your neck so you don’t end up drooling on your neighbor’s shoulder. Also, the extra tall sides provide way more support than a standard neck pillow. I own the black one and I won’t fly without it!


Travel-Friendly Snacks (Quest) (ThinkThin) (Nutella)

This is such an easy gift! Grab some favorite bars, trailmix, anything you can think of and stuff in a cute giftbag. I always like to have convenient snacks in my bag when I travel and protein-rich snacks are always a plus! And for the Nutella-obsessed, they come in single-serve travel packs!! Clearly someone already thought of gifting these, because you can buy them in a gift set!



Pack-It Cubes (website)

These are serious lifesavors. I use the smallest size for cords and chargers and the bigger ones for clothing. When I return from a trip, my suitcase is SO easy to unpack because I leave the clean clothes in the cubes and have a little laundry bag with everything I’ve worn. I also bought a set for my boyfriend and he said he doesn’t know how he ever traveled without them. Yeah, I’m a good gift-giver haha *Tip- Ikea carries a super inexpensive set



Travel Sized Beauty & Skincare Kits! (Ulta) (Folica)

These are so much fun! I love picking out little travel sets of beauty products from Ulta and Sephora. It’s also fun to get creative and buy a bunch of individual, travel-sized products to create a customized kit for your recipient.



40 Blinks Sleep Mask (website)

I bought one of these for myself years ago and have loved the deep molded cups for your eyeballs. This sleep mask is actually used to protect lash extensions during sleep, and I can totally see how it would work! The “eye cups” provide ample space for blinking and to avoid ruining your eye makeup.



Carry-On Cocktail Kit (website)

If I received this as a gift, I would freak out. Just saying.




GoPro HERO4 (website)

If you plan on splurging this year, you may as well go with a GoPro. The HERO4 comes with built-in Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, Night Photo + Night Lapse capabilities, and so much more.



Can you think of anything else? Let me know in the comments below!