Here’s a little recap on the Howl at Helm’s Halloween party for dogs!


Right, so Myles and I recently took Lilo to Helm’s Brewing Company for a dog Halloween party. We met our friends, Gloria and Adam there along with their pup, Maeby (Lilo’s best friend). It was a fundraiser that benefited Second Chance Dog Rescue, so I mean, there was no reason not to go. Plus, Lilo got to wear her bumblebee costume that I got for her at Target. Is it just me, or does Lilo look like a crazed werewolf in the bottom-right photo?


We only stayed for a little bit but we had the chance to see so many cute dogs with obscene (in a good way) costumes and have a couple beers. I think I had some sort of pumpkin beer. I just remember thinking it tasted like pumpkins and really liking it. Most of the dogs were little 10 pounders, but there was a decent-sized crew of big dogs for Lilo and Maeby to mingle with. Lilo loves tiny dogs the most but I think she scares them, so I try to introduce her to larger-sized friends.


I don’t have any good pics of Maeby because her and Lilo were playing most of the time and Maeby is so fast that she is always blurred in my photos. She was dressed as a pirate though and you can see her running away from my giant bumblebee in the photo on the bottom-right. Check out Gloria’s blog, That SoCal Life, for Maeby pics!


FullSizeRender —- Side note – here’s me dressed up as Lilo on Halloween night. Can you see my giant black ears? —-

It was a fun event but definitely something you’d only want to stay at for an hour or two. It got pretty crowded inside and our dogs just wanted to run free and play haha. We did buy some raffle tickets though, which benefited Second Chance Dog Rescue. Bottom line, Howl at Helm’s was worth it.