Welp, Karena and Katrina are at it again! The Frisky Fall Challenge is the first of their fitness programs that I’m 100% committing to and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! It’s officially day #1 of the 8 week long challenge and I’m ready to dive in. Here’s how I prepared.

The Tone It Up community is full of supportive and inspiring ladies who share their progress via Instagram, Twitter, and the Tone It Up website. K&K suggested we begin the challenge by writing down our top 5 goals for this challenge (I mean, on top of the official challenge. These girls are motivators!) Down below is my lil list.


I feel like being held accountable is the biggest part in making a program like this successful. Daily checkins and social sharing are not only a fun way of sharing your experience, they motivate you to keep going! For me personally, I enjoy blogging more than I enjoy exercise. But if I have nothing health related to blog about, then WTF am I doing in real life?

On that note, here’s what I’ve done in real life to prepare.



1. Downloaded the MyFitnessPal app. I know I’m late in the game but I normally like to write down what I’m eating in a legit notebook. Since I want to be as accurate as possible in the next couple of months, I chose to journal my food in a techy way that tracks calories and nutritional info. Hey, might as well.

2. Downloaded the RunKeeper app. I was thinking about trying MapMyRun but I didn’t need the food logging feature. Which do you like better? I still might switch…

3. Washed ALL of my workout clothes and even laid some out for the morning (when I will begin my first official Frisky Fall workout, wooo!)

4. Ordered tupperware (I know, I’m such a nerd) for meal prep

5. Scheduled at least 4 workouts per week in my planner

6. Ordered more cute workout clothes from Victoria’s Secret Sport

7. Got Lilo’s toenails trimmed because she’s going to be my little running/walking/hiking buddy. She’s a black lab so she’s got some serious stamina.



And we’re off! Are you on the Tone It Up team? If so, are you as stoked as I am? Silly question, I know. Can’t wait to post an update on my progress. Check back soon! 😀