I’d been hearing about this facial spray all over YouTube and was excited to finally try it out!

So what is this stuff anyway?

The exquisitely fine mist produced by evian® Brumisateur® penetrates and rehydrates the upper layers of the skin and leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed.”

When I think of “Evian,” I envision squeaky clean, high-quality mineral water. I’m cautious about trying new skincare products because my face is ultra sensitive, but this spray seemed pretty darn flawless.

Another point that attracted me to Evian Facial Spray is that it’s an alternative way to hydrate your skin. San Diego just went through a “cold streak,” (it was in the 40’s… I know) so my face has become more sensitive and dry. I try to be super careful when it comes to over-cleansing my face, since it only makes the dryness worse.


 My new skincare routine for morning and night:

-I begin with my favorite makeup remover to loosen up my makeup, allowing for a rinse.

-Gently massage cleanser and do another rinse.

-Apply the Evian Facial Spray in a soaking spray to my entire face. I brush my teeth while letting the spray absorb into my skin and then pat dry the rest with a paper towel (more on the paper towel trick in a future post).

Evian Facial Spray remove traces of tap water and cleanser while also toning and hydrating. I feel like this is such an important step that so many people overlook.


Once I’m ready for the day, I throw the bottle (which is perfectly sized for travel BTW) in my bag and use it for touch ups throughout the day. I’m so relieved that the canister is leak-proof and won’t ruin all the other stuff in my bag.

After working in a dry, air-conditioned office all morning, a quick mist of Evian Facial Spray is so refreshing.

Something that I found interesting about this product is that Evian Spray is “sealed at the source,” so it can not be contaminated. Dirty tap water, be gone!

Overall, I think this spray is a simple necessity that will only improve the health of your skin and I definitely plan to keep it as part of my skincare regime.

Have you tried this product? Did you like it enough to repurchase?

I received this product complimentary, for testing purposes. All thoughts are my own, as always. Powered by BrandBacker.