Since moving up to San Diego North County, we’ve tried out a few dog parks. One that we really liked was Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park in Encinitas!

Encinitas Dog Park

The landscaping is adorable. I think Lilo really appreciated the bone-shaped walkways. There are also little fire hydrants and paw prints carved into the sidewalks by the entrance.

dog bone park

The place is a really good size and wasn’t too crowded. Compared to some of the other parks we’ve been to, it seems like the dogs at MHM Dog Park are super well-behaved. For example, not one dog humped Lilo! ha…

dog park Encinitas

There are three sections to the park and each is completely fenced in.

1. New Visitors: a cute little side area for the dog park newbies, young and old, big or small.

2. Big Dogs: This is the large, main area in the middle of the park. It has a sidewalk that wraps around it so you don’t have to worry about walking in the grass and accidentally stepping on goldmines!

3. Little Dogs: Self-explanatory, but so cute!!

dog bowl

The entire place was sparkling clean, especially for a dog park. There are clean water bowls and tennis balls scattered all over. The grass was probably the cleanest I’ve seen at a dog park too. It might have been astroturf though. Ha… could be why.


We usually judge how good a dog park is by how tired Lilo is at the end…. and she slept the whole way home! If you find yourself in Northern San Diego County, check this park out!

Have you been to any good dog parks lately??