Ermahgerddd it’s finally cold in San Diego! It’s going to be in the 40’s tonight. !!

Over the long, holiday weekend, we decided to take the pup to the beach in Del Mar. In the summer, Del Mar Dog Beach totally allows dogs.. but they have to be leashed up 🙁 Lilo no likey.


Del Mar Dog Beach


But in the off-season, dogs can run free! And let me tell ya, if I was a dog, I would pick this dog beach over all the other dog beaches. It’s cleaner than Ocean Beach’s and more accessible than Coronado’s.


Del Mar Dog Beach


It’s such a clean, gorgeous beach. And although it was a little brisk, there were still plenty of other doggies to run around with. But that’s the other thing, it was way less crowded than in the summer. It’s almost December so I’m thinking it will only get better in the next couple of months.

Here’s a photo from right before we headed home.


Del Mar Sunset


I’m so grateful to be able to take my dog to the beach whenever we want. Do you have a dog? Where do you play in the winter? Can’t wait to introduce Lilo to snow xD