Wait…what?! ClassPass already has a mobile app!! I was just thinking how convenient it would be to have one, like yesterday. Dang they’re fast!

Here it is….

ClassPass App

I did a post not too long about my first impression of ClassPass, which you can check out here: (link)

So I mean, is it too soon to rate the brand spankin’ new app? I think not. This app is simple, pretty, and does exactly what I hoped it would do.

ClassPass’s description:

  • Search across hundreds of studios for your next class. Browse by studio, workout, location, and time. View detailed information about classes, studios, and how to get prepared for your next workout.
  • Book and confirm your reservation within minutes. No need to contact the studio or even leave the app to save your spot.
  • Discover new studios near you, at your convenience.
  • See all your upcoming reservations, past classes, and track your progress over time!

Yup. That pretty much covers it. Ahh now ClassPass is even more convenient!

NO, I am not being sponsored by ClassPass. I’m just really excited! šŸ˜€

Have you downloaded it already? If not, you can find it here: (link)