About Sunshine Problems

Welcome! Kayla is a multimedia graduate with a passion for wellness, beauty, and fashion.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Kayla moved to San Diego, California when she was 19 years old and finished college at San Diego State University.

She switched majors a few times and worked some different jobs while trying to figure out what career path to take. Ultimately, Kayla has come to realize that as long as she gets to be creative, she’ll be happy.

Ocean Beach Dog Beach


Lilo | Acai bowls | Hiking | Breakfast | Rancid | Cherry flavored anything | Rum | Travel | Makeup | Barre classes | Exploring | Writing | Conspiracy theories | Punk shows | Reading non-fiction | Cities | Forests | Hockey | Fleece | Wedges | Rompers | Croissants | Snow leopards


Stress | Bugs | Shrimp | Jogging | Cartoons (unless it’s outrageous, like South Park) | Suburbs | Clutter | Being upside down

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